Teresa L. Koss, Allied ASIDMelanie Giolitti, Allied ASIDJennifer Hale, Allied ASIDRatna J. Khilnani, Allied ASIDMrs. Yukari Haitani, Allied ASID, CKD, CBD, CIDJeanette A. Loretz, ASID,  CID, CAPSWinifred D. Dell'Ario, Allied ASID, CKD, CBDAnne Lear, Allied ASIDJudy Baggett, Allied ASIDKirsten A Flynn, Allied ASID, LEED GA, CGBPLinda L. Floyd, ASID, CIDJamie Kern, ASIDCarol Spence Carr, ASID, CIDAlison Whittaker, ALLIED MEMBER ASID, CIDCatherine Canfield, Allied ASID, CID #2497, IDGJ. Gardner, Allied ASIDTeresa R. Pollard, ASID,IIDA, CIDJona Collins, Allied ASID, CIDCarol Woodard, ASIDBarbara Vaughn, Allied ASID, CID Denise Ann Carey, ASIDJorie Clark, Allied ASIDHeather Hilliard DesignRisë Krag, Allied ASID, LEED APMarie Chan, ASID, CID, GREEN AP
Ratna J. Khilnani, Allied ASID
Kirsten A Flynn, Allied ASID, LEED GA, CGBP
Jona Collins, Allied ASID, CID
Judy Baggett, Allied ASID
Mrs. Yukari Haitani, Allied ASID, CKD, CBD, CID
Winifred D. Dell'Ario, Allied ASID, CKD, CBD
Jennifer Hale, Allied ASID
Risë Krag, Allied ASID, LEED AP
Barbara Vaughn, Allied ASID, CID
Catherine Canfield, Allied ASID, CID #2497, IDG
Teresa L. Koss, Allied ASID
Jorie Clark, Allied ASID
Denise Ann Carey, ASID
J. Gardner, Allied ASID
Anne Lear, Allied ASID
Jeanette A. Loretz, ASID, CID, CAPS
Carol Spence Carr, ASID, CID
Linda L. Floyd, ASID, CID
Carol Woodard, ASID
Heather Hilliard Design
Teresa R. Pollard, ASID,IIDA, CID
Melanie Giolitti, Allied ASID
Jamie Kern, ASID
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Dear 2016 Design Award Entrants,

As Many of you are aware we have been experiencing technical difficulties that have disrupted our online communications including chapter website and email.
We’d like to apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced with your submissions due to this disruption.
Since we understand many of you depend on our tutorials and staff to answer questions about the submission process, we are extending the deadline to submit your projects via dropbox until Tuesday, June 21 by 9pm.
Please note we are still experience sporadic email service to the Chapter and ASID National is working diligently to resolve.
Should you have any questions please contact our Co – Chairs, Cita Rojas-Sila: citasila@gmail.com or Natasha Hyndman: natasha@hyndman.com and we will answer your questions ASAP.
Thank you for your patience.


2016 ASID CA PEN Slate of Candidates to the Board

President-Elect: Patricia McDonald, ASID, CID
Membership Director:  Janine Arrietta, Allied ASID
At-Large Director: Jackie Bartlett, Industry Partner of ASID

Visit our Chapter Elections page for more information about our nominations committee, candidates and on the election process.

Election Date to be announced.

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